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Just a couple of items of note:

1.  The yarn (30 skeins in all) will be going in the mail today (Wednesday) to the winners of my yarn give-away.  (Sorry for the delay, but I had to get packaging, get 10 packages ready to mail, and then it had to quit snowing here in Minnesota.  I have to hurry and get them mailed before it starts snowing again Thursday.)  What?  You mail items on snowy days?  Not me…

Thank you for helping me shrink my yarn stash down to an amount I might actually use!

2.  I showed a couple of COMPLETED baby quilts at our guild meeting tonight, and I mentioned that the Strippie quilt was made from a free quilt pattern from Mary Johnson’s site.  Click HERE for the free pattern (I think it’s the best quick baby quilt ever, and I’ve made several from this pattern).

I’ll post some pictures soon.  I’m waiting for my new computer to arrive, and then dealing with my photos will be much easier.

3.  Okay, three items is still a couple, isn’t it?  Has anyone decided what to do when Google Reader goes away this summer?  I tried Feedly, and didn’t like it much.  Now I’m trying Bloglovin’ and I like it a little better, but it still doesn’t feel like “The One”.  Oh, dating is so hard…


Oooh, now there’s a subject that would put me to sleep.  This is a fun stat, however.

In looking at the statistics to see how people land on my blog, I can see the most frequently used search words.  Here goes, excluding obvious ones like Featherstone Quiltworks (each word/phrase below is a link):

duck third eyelid

sock monkey quilt

fruit ladies fabric

skinny quilts

Two years ago, when I last blogged about most frequent searches, “knitting with a broken wrist” was one of the top searches.  The broken wrist posts were back in 2008, so hopefully that means there were fewer broken wrists by knitters in the last couple of years!

My Half of the Garage

This is what it looked like the middle of June:

My spot was filled with Mom’s belongings.  Some treasures, some everyday household goods, and some…well, let’s just say “stuff”.

This morning at 3:00 a.m.:

After three months of baking in the sun, my poor, filthy car has a home again!  There’s still several feet of “stuff” in front of the car (and thank goodness it’s a LITTLE car), and we won’t even mention what my family room looks like!  Three boxes of documents went to a FedEx Office store today for shredding.

Baby steps, but they are still steps.

Blog Names

I named my blog Featherstone Quiltworks, because at the time I was doing machine quilting for customers and that was the name of my business.  The name still fits because I still quilt, and the “Featherstone” part is the name of the little slough/pond/lake/wet spot that I can see out my windows.

I did make my web address my name — mostly because it was available.  In the event quilting goes away from my life, I could change my site name but keep my same blog address.  That would work as long as I didn’t change my name!

Every once in a while I come across a quilting blog name that I wish I had thought of first.

Like  I LOVE that name.

Like most anything with sister in the name, or secret, or sewing…

I know there are some highly intelligent and very discerning men who follow my blog (hi, Patrick, hi Jim!), so I guess referring to a sisterhood might be a little offputting to some.

Sadly The Secret Sewing Sisterhood is already taken by some pretty fabulous quilters in Australia, so you can continue to search for Featherstone Quiltworks.  *sigh*


“Stick-to-it” Report, Week 2

Goal:  165 miles walked in 11 weeks.

Week 1:  15 miles
Week 2: 15 miles for a running total of 30 miles

That puts me exactly on target, except for the fact that we’re bound to get some nasty weather eventually when I won’t want to walk, and I will be at JudyL’s retreat for about five days in February (including driving time).  I need to be walking more than the bare minimum.  In my defense, I’m still building up stamina.  I’m hoping to do a little better next week, but time will tell.

It’s foggy this morning on Mustang Island, TX.  I thought I would share some pictures of a week ago or so when I walked in the fog.  It was a little bit surreal, but also very surprising how much activity was going on.  Here are a few ways to have fun on the beach on a January afternoon when the fog just refuses to lift.


Resolutions, Anyone?

I’m not much on making resolutions, mostly because past experience tells me I’m not likely to keep them for very long anyway.

This year I’ve made one (I actually started this week) that I’m going to work really really hard to keep, because it’s a 11-week resolution.  I’m going to walk 165 miles in eleven weeks.   I was going to make it 150 miles, but since that doesn’t divide evenly by 11 — well, if you’re mathematically challenged like I am, 165 will make perfect sense to you!  This way, I know I need to average 15 miles a week.

I’ll report on Sundays — my Sunday Stick-To-It Report.

As this is the end of the first week for my walking, I’ll report my first week’s progress here:

Week 1:  15 miles

If there’s a resolution you’ve been thinking about, maybe just make a smaller commitment to start.  A whole year is a long time, and anything we do that’s good for our health is going to be beneficial.  And who knows?  Maybe it will lead to new long-term habits.

Right now I’m working on ten more weeks, one day at a time.