Skinny Quilts

Sue, Arlis, Kate, Suzy, Betty, Candice, Carol, Polly, Carol S, & Jane

Back in January, Pam B challenged our group to make “skinny” quilts to celebrate the new year.  Something to the effect that we were more likely to achieve a skinny-ness in a quilt than we were in any other kind of resolution we might be making.  Actually Pam phased it much more nicely than that, but that was the gist of it!  Nearly everyone met their goal by April 1st.  (Don’t ask where Pam is — she’s taking the picture!)  Carol S was nice enough to host a lovely luncheon as we celebrated our completed runners and wall hangings.

A number of us used Eleanor Levie’s Skinny Quilts & Table Runners books, and I know I blogged before about how much I enjoyed building my beach scene, and how innovative and fun the directions are.    This was a very fun challenge!


4 thoughts on “Skinny Quilts”

  1. Great job ladies – they all look so bright and colorful. Sure wish I could sew (don’t take that remark too seriously).

  2. What a nice picture of ladies and quilts! Yours came out great and liked your combination of fabrics. I am working on my quilt, little by little.Have to let out a little on the flying geese, not enough material for the dimensions. Well, I am learing, I hope. Have some of my strips put together and cut them into squares at quilting bee the other night. Sure is fun(I think).

  3. I am sooo impressed!! You ladies rock!! May I get this as a jpeg to put on my website and on Facebook? You tell me if I may provide all the credits that are here.
    Also, send me the ringleader’s name and mailing address. Gonna send her a present….

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