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  • Heels and nylons are not a part of my normal life.  I wore them Sunday night to a party and my left knee still hurts!  Time to shop for a pair of dressy flats (I’m a Clarks and Sketchers kinda girl normally) and ditch my last pair of heels.
  • I have a new phone — a Droid (no, no — say it with me in a low, drawn-out voice…D R O I D…).  It does everything, although I’m still in Learning Mode.  I was taking a picture of the newly fallen snow, and wondered, “what’s this button for?”.  It reversed the camera so I could take a picture of myself.  I was so startled, I hit the shutter button.  The result:

  • Judging from the above picture, I need to get a professional haircut, go back to coloring my hair — and why am I looking over the tops of my glasses to take a picture when I have new bifocals?
  • It’s good to take care of your knees, and don’t examine the rest of yourself too closely.