Just a couple of items of note:

1.  The yarn (30 skeins in all) will be going in the mail today (Wednesday) to the winners of my yarn give-away.  (Sorry for the delay, but I had to get packaging, get 10 packages ready to mail, and then it had to quit snowing here in Minnesota.  I have to hurry and get them mailed before it starts snowing again Thursday.)  What?  You mail items on snowy days?  Not me…

Thank you for helping me shrink my yarn stash down to an amount I might actually use!

2.  I showed a couple of COMPLETED baby quilts at our guild meeting tonight, and I mentioned that the Strippie quilt was made from a free quilt pattern from Mary Johnson’s site.  Click HERE for the free pattern (I think it’s the best quick baby quilt ever, and I’ve made several from this pattern).

I’ll post some pictures soon.  I’m waiting for my new computer to arrive, and then dealing with my photos will be much easier.

3.  Okay, three items is still a couple, isn’t it?  Has anyone decided what to do when Google Reader goes away this summer?  I tried Feedly, and didn’t like it much.  Now I’m trying Bloglovin’ and I like it a little better, but it still doesn’t feel like “The One”.  Oh, dating is so hard…

2 thoughts on “Greetings!”

  1. I have been using Feedly. It’s not the same as Reader, but I find I like the iphone app for it quite a lot. I’ve used bloglovin too, but I’m not a fan. Good luck!

  2. I’ve settled on Bloglovin for my reader. It’s not “The One”, but I am getting used to it. Spring is getting a pretty good start here in Washington, so here’s I hope it quits snowing there soon.

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