My Half of the Garage

This is what it looked like the middle of June:

My spot was filled with Mom’s belongings.  Some treasures, some everyday household goods, and some…well, let’s just say “stuff”.

This morning at 3:00 a.m.:

After three months of baking in the sun, my poor, filthy car has a home again!  There’s still several feet of “stuff” in front of the car (and thank goodness it’s a LITTLE car), and we won’t even mention what my family room looks like!  Three boxes of documents went to a FedEx Office store today for shredding.

Baby steps, but they are still steps.

5 thoughts on “My Half of the Garage”

  1. Wow! Makes me tired just thinking about it. I’m afraid I’m going to be one of those moms who leave at least half a garage of “stuff” for my kids. I applaud you for going through it–my daughter says she’s just going to rent a dumpster. Her loss.

  2. Congrats! Those baby steps are accomplishing lots. One of life’s tougher tasks ~ going through the belongings of a deceased loved one and deciding what to do with each and every possession. You done good!

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