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Sometimes Nature’s Not so Pretty…

And sometimes it is.

Redheaded Duck

I had to start out with a nice photo, so I could give a warning to you before you scroll down.  (squeamish alert!)

While I was at the Birding Center in Port Aransas yesterday, the alligator made one of his rare appearances.  He’s at least nine feet long, and lives the good life, being the only ‘gator in a peaceful place with lots of wildlife.

It was late in the afternoon, and apparently I was there just in time to witness “dinner time”…and everybody and every creature needs to eat.

I realize this picture isn’t standard pretty-blog fare, but I was pretty excited to capture this photo.

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Macro/Telephoto Tuesday

Some of my favorite photos from my recent trip to Huntsville, Alabama:

I loved this flower, mostly dried up, but still has some “good stuff” left.  I guess I identified with it!

The last morning we were at the retreat, there was heavy fog all through the river valley.  It was quite surreal, but extremely beautiful.

I was taking pictures behind my Aunt Bertha’s house of the various flowers, butterflies and bees.  I thought this was a bumblebee, as it was quite large.  Then I saw its eyes.  GREEN!  I’ve since found out this is a carpenter bee, so named because they make their homes in dead wood.