Macro/Telephoto Tuesday

Some of my favorite photos from my recent trip to Huntsville, Alabama:

I loved this flower, mostly dried up, but still has some “good stuff” left.  I guess I identified with it!

The last morning we were at the retreat, there was heavy fog all through the river valley.  It was quite surreal, but extremely beautiful.

I was taking pictures behind my Aunt Bertha’s house of the various flowers, butterflies and bees.  I thought this was a bumblebee, as it was quite large.  Then I saw its eyes.  GREEN!  I’ve since found out this is a carpenter bee, so named because they make their homes in dead wood.


3 thoughts on “Macro/Telephoto Tuesday”

  1. Your comment relating to that flower made my day….just up with my 1st cup of coffee & you made me smile….will be a good day!!!

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