Design Wall Monday

Lots to tell you about today, so fill up your coffee cup!  Since I just got back (a week ago) from a quilt retreat, I actually have some progress to share.  Yes, we were a busy group of 11 stitchers.  And being the unfocused person that I am, I even started two new projects.  (Hmm, that’s not supposed to happen…)

New Project #1 is a baby quilt made with the Lil Twister template and some yummy Moda charm squares.  I wanted it to be a bit bigger, so I trimmed up the waste squares from this technique and made an extra border.  I used two charm packs (total 80 squares) and about 1 1/2 yards of border fabric.  I’m really happy with this one:

I also made 9 more star blocks and worked a tiny bit on my applique blocks for my pieced/appliqued top.  I have all 12 star blocks done, but have 11+ applique blocks to finish:

And, New Project #2 is an arrowhead block quilt done in dark green and a gold/cream print.  Here are four blocks, but I did get 16 blocks done, 14 (or 16) to go, depending upon the setting I choose.

Roseann from Rosebud’s Cottage in White Bear Lake, MN, so GENEROUSLY donated 12 of her Quilt Kits on Sticks when I saw her at the MN State Fair! Roseann absolutely exudes fun, and she wanted to make sure we would have a little extra fun too.

The kits make the cutest little mats, and ten of us made them up at the retreat.  (There was a LOT of discussion about whose mat was the cutest…although I’m pretty sure it was mine..)

All of the Alabama quilters were delighted (and amazed) to receive a gift from a shop owner in Minnesota, and we are all sending a HUGE Thank You your way, Roseann.

If you haven’t quite finished your coffee yet, click here to look at my setting options for the arrowhead quilt and vote on your favorite.  I’d appreciate the help!  And after THAT bit of tomfoolery, be sure to visit Roseann’s blog and her shop, Rosebud’s Cottage.  Then stop over at Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times to see what other quilters have done this week.

All time well spent.

6 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. You are soooo sweet! Thanks for including me in your blog today. Giving your friends something to do was my way of being there in spirit. I love that they enjoyed making my little project. Someday I’m getting on that plane with you …

  2. Love many of your projects. Cute baby quilt with a twist. Mom and I are going to make one for a little girl this month. You had fun at retreat, I have one planned in less that 2 weeks.

  3. wow another MN quilter reference. love that the quilt on sticks turned into something fun. I missed them at the fair but all the quilters at our stitch night talked about them.

    Oh and your right you did get tons done

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