Monday Morning Progress Report

KNITTING:  I’m up to 34″ on my crazy stripes scarf (26″ to go…)

Crazy Scarf

HANDBAGS:  I’m going to make the Swoon “Maisie” bag next.  It’s a smaller handbag with some interesting vinyl accents.  The cream in the upper left of the photo is the vinyl I plan to use.

Maisie Supplies

WOOL:  I’m working on a pattern called “The Great Pumpkin” by Becky Delsman, published in Primitive Quilts in 2012.  I like that it is an off-white pumpkin.  I am ready to blanket-stitch the crow.  Then there are a bunch of berries and vines that overlay the pumpkin.

Great Pumpkin progress

QUILTING:  I have about half of this top pieced into rows.  It is sort of a modified hugs & kisses (or Xs and Os).

XO Quilt rows

OTHER SEWING:  I was in need of a quick baby quilt pattern, and I saw this video by Jenny Doan for Shannon Fabrics just in time!  It uses Minky type fabric, and you are talking about minutes of time invested, rather than days.  And they are so cute!  This one is 30″ x 30″, just right for a little drag-around cuddle quilt for a special little girl.  So soft and snuggly…

Cuddle Qlt Dakota

That’s it for now.  Linking to Judy’s Patchwork Times.


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