Monday Update

Last week I was fortunate to spend time in Huntsville, Alabama, with my Aunt Bertha.  We always have a wonderful time, and it never ceases to amaze me how much we are alike…the same food, the same TV programs, bird watching, and quilting!

And in case you need an intro to my aunt, here’s a photo from last year’s visit to Missouri Star Quilt Co, and of course that’s Jenny Doan on the right (another FUN time!):

msqc bertha

Okay, back to this year!  My sewing time at retreat was mostly spent on this hugs and kisses quilt.  I completed the top, at last!

Hugs and Kisses quilt

I love two-color quilts, but I have to confess, this was really boring to work on!  Next, I pulled out a UFO that is several years old…Four Patch Posies (a four-patch stack & whack).  I finished the framed blocks, and completed one row with the sashings.  This quilt is well on its way to being a finished top:

Four Patch Posies

Bertha has several birdhouses in a little garden/sitting area behind her home, and the birds were so cooperative!  My favorite had to be the mom and dad bluebirds that were kept busy bring food to the babies:

Bama bluebird 2

My dear aunt sent home a quart of fresh blueberries from the farmers’ market for my hubby, as she knows he loves them.  Last night I baked a blueberry cobbler that was to die for.

Blueberry Cobbler

Recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s blog (I just substituted blueberries for the blackberries).

In other news, I brought home a new stray sewing machine that needed a good home:

Bernina 950

A Bernina 950.  She sews beautifully, and will be very helpful in my handbag making.  And speaking of handbags, my next project will be to continue working on this Swoon bag, “Charlotte”:

Charlotte Swoon Bumble

I’ve been holding off on construction until I got ‘Nina to help me out!  Thanks for stopping by, and for more sewing/quilting fun, check out what people are doing on Judy Laquidara’s blog.

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