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Monday’s Design Wall Report

Another block for my Gardenhurst quilt (pattern by Irena Blahnik in her “Focus on Quilts” book).

The design wall, which shows that I am less than half done with these blocks.  This makes five out of 13:


And a closeup of block 5, glue basted and ready to hand stitch.  (The little “tags” at the ends of the points get turned under when I do the applique’ing.)  This quilt is all flowers/urns and birds on a branch, so it’s fun to work on.  I’ve collected a few border stripes for the various urns.  All fabrics were found at Reproduction Fabrics in Northfield, MN.  She also does a great deal of mail order business, and has a great selection of Civil War fabrics, as well as other eras.


I love this block!  See my previous post for information on the applique technique I’m using or about the handy-dandy design wall sheet I’m using.

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Monday’s Design-Wall Report

I have a new project to show you today, plus I’m going to talk about a couple of new-to-me products that I’m enjoying.  (No association, no compensation, etc.)

First, I actually have a design wall!


It is in the guest room, so it has to be something I can easily take down.  I bought a Clover Design Layout Sheet from Amazon.  It is so lightweight, it is hanging from straight pins stuck into the wall…so it will leave minimal holes.  It has a super-duper microfiber texture that really grabs the fabric pieces.  Down side — you’re advised not to iron it as it will reduce that grabbing ability.  So I have creases.

As you can see, I have lots of sections yet to do.  Here are close-ups of the ones I have done (or almost done):

appl-block-2 appl-block-4 appl-block-3 appl-block-1

Now for the True Confessions:  I don’t do applique.  I love the look of needle-turn applique, I have learned prepared applique using freezer paper…I still don’t do applique.

I really wanted to do a pattern from the book “Focus on Applique” by Irene Blanck.  And I wanted it to look like needle turn, but dumbed down for me!

I decided to try Wash-Away Applique Sheets by C&T Publishing.  You can get them on a roll, or in 8.5 x 11″ size sheets.  I got the 8.5 x 11 so I could run them through the copier, saving a tracing step.  They are fusible on one side, so you iron them unto the wrong side of your fabrics, then cut 1/4″ larger on all sides.  Finger press the 1/4″ to the back of the applique piece and secure with a bit of glue.  Then you would glue-baste the pieces to your background with tiny dots of glue, and secure with hand stitching.

This is going to be a wall hanging, so I don’t mind that there will be a bit of extra thickness in the applique’d pieces.  I’ve read that the product softens in washing, but does not disappear or “wash away”.  So far, it’s working well for me.

And finally, a picture from this past week:



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Catch-Up Report Monday

My, how time flies when you’re busy!  I have six or seven weeks to update you on, so go get your cuppa coffee, and let’s go!

After the State Fair (six ribbons — three were blue), I enjoyed going to two get-away quilt retreats, a Fun Friday stitching at a friend’s home, attended an INSPIRING lecture by Edyta Sitar, and did some other non-quilty fun things as well!


That’s what I worked on at the second retreat.  The following got their borders and are now languishing in the To Be Quilted pile.  The first one may look familiar as I made a queen-sized quilt like this one.  I had 12 blocks left over, so I made a lap-sized quilt.  I knew it needed mitered borders, so this one is ready to quilt.  Arlene, this one is for you!


Old, old, old UFO…like maybe from 2005.  The pattern is from the book “Serendipity Quilts” by Sara Nephew.  This one needed some actual construction in addition to the borders, and I’m thrilled to have the top done.


A queen-sized Christmas Roses quilt I started too long ago to remember!  Just needed borders.

oct-christmas-kaleidoscope And a close-up shot:


This was a problem child…a Jelly Roll Race made from Kaffe Fasset fabric, and I just didn’t like it.  I saw where someone done some slicing and dicing, and added vertical stripes.  At least I don’t hate it now.



We have some new nieces in the family (I think they are great-great nieces, but that gets too complicated) so nieces, it is.  I made up some Minkee snuggle blankies.  They are so quick to make, so maybe now I can match my blanket supply to the booming supply of babies!  MSQC has a video here.

Some of us spent a day making happy birthday runners.  I don’t have the pattern handy (and I changed it up quite a bit anyway).  I’ll add a link when I run across it.


This is a tumbler quilt done in homespun fabrics for Nephew Bill.  Now THIS one needs borders!  Then ready to quilt.



I won a stack of hand-dyed fabrics from Colorways by Vicki Welsh!  You MUST go check out her gorgeous shop here.  These are all hand-dyed gradients!


So with some trepidation, I cut all this beautiful fabric up and have made these blocks so far:


And, Wait!!!  There’s More…

On another front, I’m in a 9-Patch Challenge Exchange.  We have completed our nine months of exchanging blocks, and now it’s time to get designing our quilts…all very secret, of course!  The good news is I got 162 3″ finished nine-patch blocks…the bad news…I need about 80 more.


I’ve done lots of sewing, but this blog post really shows me how much I have to do, so I better put down my cuppa coffee and get busy!

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Monday Update

Last week I was fortunate to spend time in Huntsville, Alabama, with my Aunt Bertha.  We always have a wonderful time, and it never ceases to amaze me how much we are alike…the same food, the same TV programs, bird watching, and quilting!

And in case you need an intro to my aunt, here’s a photo from last year’s visit to Missouri Star Quilt Co, and of course that’s Jenny Doan on the right (another FUN time!):

msqc bertha

Okay, back to this year!  My sewing time at retreat was mostly spent on this hugs and kisses quilt.  I completed the top, at last!

Hugs and Kisses quilt

I love two-color quilts, but I have to confess, this was really boring to work on!  Next, I pulled out a UFO that is several years old…Four Patch Posies (a four-patch stack & whack).  I finished the framed blocks, and completed one row with the sashings.  This quilt is well on its way to being a finished top:

Four Patch Posies

Bertha has several birdhouses in a little garden/sitting area behind her home, and the birds were so cooperative!  My favorite had to be the mom and dad bluebirds that were kept busy bring food to the babies:

Bama bluebird 2

My dear aunt sent home a quart of fresh blueberries from the farmers’ market for my hubby, as she knows he loves them.  Last night I baked a blueberry cobbler that was to die for.

Blueberry Cobbler

Recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s blog (I just substituted blueberries for the blackberries).

In other news, I brought home a new stray sewing machine that needed a good home:

Bernina 950

A Bernina 950.  She sews beautifully, and will be very helpful in my handbag making.  And speaking of handbags, my next project will be to continue working on this Swoon bag, “Charlotte”:

Charlotte Swoon Bumble

I’ve been holding off on construction until I got ‘Nina to help me out!  Thanks for stopping by, and for more sewing/quilting fun, check out what people are doing on Judy Laquidara’s blog.

Monday Morning Progress Report

KNITTING:  I’m up to 34″ on my crazy stripes scarf (26″ to go…)

Crazy Scarf

HANDBAGS:  I’m going to make the Swoon “Maisie” bag next.  It’s a smaller handbag with some interesting vinyl accents.  The cream in the upper left of the photo is the vinyl I plan to use.

Maisie Supplies

WOOL:  I’m working on a pattern called “The Great Pumpkin” by Becky Delsman, published in Primitive Quilts in 2012.  I like that it is an off-white pumpkin.  I am ready to blanket-stitch the crow.  Then there are a bunch of berries and vines that overlay the pumpkin.

Great Pumpkin progress

QUILTING:  I have about half of this top pieced into rows.  It is sort of a modified hugs & kisses (or Xs and Os).

XO Quilt rows

OTHER SEWING:  I was in need of a quick baby quilt pattern, and I saw this video by Jenny Doan for Shannon Fabrics just in time!  It uses Minky type fabric, and you are talking about minutes of time invested, rather than days.  And they are so cute!  This one is 30″ x 30″, just right for a little drag-around cuddle quilt for a special little girl.  So soft and snuggly…

Cuddle Qlt Dakota

That’s it for now.  Linking to Judy’s Patchwork Times.


Monday’s Progress Report

It’s been a busy time since I last reported in.


I wanted to make a carry-on bag for a trip I took this month.  I decided to make Swoon’s Blanche in the large size.  It wasn’t too hard to do if you just take the directions a slow step at a time.  I love the bag, but it was too small for the amount of cameras and other “stuff” I like to have at my disposal.  I do plan to remake the short handles to make them a little beefier.

Swoon Blanch map end Swoon Blanch map strap Swoon Blanch map

The tweedy looking fabric is Essex Linen (love it!), along with a map fabric and a crocodile print.

KNITTING:  Also on my trip, I started knitting a scarf.  The pattern is Crazy Wool Stripe Scarf, a free pattern offered by the Twisted Loop yarn shop.

Scarf crazy stripes

No progress on my Cane Bay wrap.

TRAVEL:  Italy!!!  I was so fortunate to be able to go on a 10-day group tour in April (actually, I just got back *yawn*).  We landed in Milan and spent a short time there.  From there we went to Turin (or Torino, if you’re Italian), and then on to Alba.  This photo was taken in the the hills of the Langhe region, a rich agricultural area that is considered to be Italy’s garden.  In the distance are the Swiss Alps.

Langhe Alba countryside

And for a totally different flavor, I’ll jump ahead several days to Rome, where the Colliseum and the Arch of Constantine were within easy walking distance of our hotel.

Colliseum at night