Birds, Birds, Birds

I’ve been figuring out my new computer, getting programs loaded on it and adjusting to Windows 8.  Not too much fun.  So tonight for some real fun, I thought I would upload some bird photos for the blog.  Hah!  I now only have PhotoShop for editing photos, and I don’t know how to use it!!!  Well, I learned enough tonight to get a couple of pictures up.


The cardinals have been so pretty against the snow.  You can see how our trees have been budding out, in spite of all the snow we’ve had here in Minnesota.

Fox Sparrow

This is a Fox Sparrow.  He is quite a bit bigger than the other sparrows, and has a beautiful rust tail.


We have had a lot of dark-eyed juncos this winter.


And I’m not sure what kind of raptor this guy is.  Looking at my Raptor Guide, he looks kind of like a juvenile red-shouldered hawk, but then they all look kind of alike to me!  Whatever he is, isn’t he pretty?

PS:  I passed off the tufts on his head as the wind blowing, but now I’m wondering if they are ear tufts, and this is some kind of owl, maybe a short-eared owl?  I’m so confused…

3 thoughts on “Birds, Birds, Birds”

  1. nope, not a red-shouldered hawk. they have lots more red-rust feathers on the breast, and a med blue color surrounding the vent on the beak.

    1. Sue, check out the pics on Bing of Sparrow Hawks. some of these look like a possible match to the bird in your pic.

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