February’s Get It Done Report

February’s Goals:

1. Finish Anita’s Arrowhead top (photo below).  Never touched it.  Instead, I finished piecing my tumbler blocks top.

Straight Unmatched
2. Make more red-black-white blocks for my guild challenge quilt.  Needed 35; made 50.  (Well, I cut out too many.)  I can make two 5×5 baby quilts, or a 6×8 bigger lap quilt.  (The original size was 5×7.) 

3. Work on the Branching Out applique blocks.   Yes, did some a small amount of work, but that qualifies.

4. Felted pin cushions — continuing project. Click HERE for information on the pattern.  Finished another pin cushion. 

5. February’s postcard for guild exchange.  Done on time.


March’s Goals:

1.  Go to Paula Nadelstern’s 5-day kaleidoscope class in New Braunfels, TX.  (Barring a disaster, this is a slam-dunk!)

2.  Quilt and bind one top.  I’m not going to name which one, because I am finding I’m not always in the mood to work on what’s on the list.

3.  Finish up the Anita’s Arrowhead blocks.

4.  One monthly postcard for a guild member.

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One thought on “February’s Get It Done Report”

  1. Love all your quilts, especially your Sisterhood quilt. Beautiful. Didn’t remember so much blue in yours but it is lovely. I am gathering material for mine.

    Am sure Bertha told you those in our quilting group who wanted to made a UFO list to finish this year. Out of my eleven (which surely isn’t all) I have already finished three. Decided I was a “starter” not a “finisher”.

    Looking forward to seeing you later this year. Enjoy your class.


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