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*whew* I’ve Been FAIRLY Busy!

Our Minnesota State Fair (the best 10 days of summer) starts next week, and I’ve been busy as a bee trying to finish as many projects as humanly possible to enter in Creative Activities.  Yesterday was the last day to bring your entries in, and last night I slept.  Like a baby.

So here are my finishes:

Swoon’s adorable “Brooklyn” handbag.  I quilted the gray Essex linen and paired it with a black pebble vinyl.

Brooklyn front

Swoon “Alice Shopper Tote” bag.  Free pattern at the Swoon Patterns site.  It’s a great pattern to try if you’re interested in purchasing any of the Swoon patterns, as it gives you a feel for her directions.  Plus this is a great bag!

Swoon Strawberry Allice sofa

A little wool framed art, pattern by Becky Delsman, published in the 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.   Can’t wait for fall so I can hang this one up!

Pumpkin crow berries

This is great-nephew Peter’s bee quilt.  (The family’s last name starts with “B”.)  Wanted to do a woven type design with these fabrics, and figured out how easy it is to put together.  This will go in the fair’s Bee & Honey department.

Peter's Bees

Here is an embarassing one…DH Jim’s socks.  This photo is from spring of 2014.  2014!!!  I pulled them out to finish this summer, and all I needed to do was about an inch of the toe and close the toe.  AND I forgot to take a photo of the finished pair, so I have to show DH’s naked toes.  Hope he doesn’t read this…

05-02-2014 365 Jims Sox

I’m working backwards in time, so you perhaps have seen this one already:  the Cane Bay Wrap.  Here it is being blocked.  One of my most favorite things I’ve every made.  Love it so much, I went back to Jenny’s shop (The Twisted Loop in Prior Lake) and bought this fabulous yarn in another color for wrap #2.

Cane Bay Wrap blocked

It took me a while to finish this one this spring, but I ADORE this Swoon “Charlotte City Tote, done up in green glitter vinyl and Tula Pink Bumblebees.  Charlotte is also entered in Bee & Honey, so if you go in the Ag-Hort building, check out the Bee & Honey items…and I always buy some sort of honey or honey products while I’m there.

Swoon Charlotte angled

This is Swoon’s “Dollie Mini Cross-Body” bag.  With its cross-body strap, it would be perfect to carry at the fair.  If it wasn’t IN the fair…

Dollie no handles close

This is the “L is for Lattice” wallhanging I did for my part in our guild’s Alphabet Challenge in 2015.  Yummy batiks in Lemon, Lime, Latte’, Lava, and Licorice.  I know…you’re thinking, “What the “L” is she talking about?”  Twenty-six of our guild members each made a 26″ x 26″ wall quilt.  We drew for letters, and I drew the letter “L”.  A 27th guild member did a wall quilt depicting the letters from A-Z.

Lattice quilt

So there you have it — my nine items I brought to the fair this year.  It’s always more fun when you have some of your items to look for.  Thank you, both of you, who read this all the way to the end!

— Sue


April’s “Get It Done” / May’s Goals

Yikes!  April is over already???  I’ve always felt that time goes faster as you get older because you’re going downhill, but this is ridiculous!  (I’m pretty sure I didn’t get 30 days this month.)

April’s Goals:

1. Four baby quilts for our church’s silent auction quilted and bound.  Two done & donated, and that number was just right — four would have been too many and diluted the interest in baby quilts too much.  (You can see photos by clicking on the “UFO Parade” tab at the top of this page.)

2. Finish my cowgirl boots friendship quilt.  Noooo.  Sometimes I have to stop and think why I’m avoiding a project that I really want to do.  This one is I didn’t know how I wanted to quilt the background areas.  I figured that out this week, so I will be moving this quilt to May.

3. April’s postcard for a guild member.  Yes, my third Sunbonnet Sue (so unoriginal, I know) postcard.  The first one was turned edge applique, the second in wool, and the third one was raw edge applique. 

May’s Goals:

1.  Quilt and bind a lap-sized throw for grand-nephew’s Ashton’s teacher.

2.  Grand-nephew Colton’s Minkee top quilted, baby sized.

3.  1910 9-Patch top quilted & bound.

4.  Quilt donation quilt top for guild (someone else will be binding it).

5.  Dream Bonus Item:  Quilt my cowgirl boots top.

6.  Post card for a guild member.

7.  Quilt & bind a lap quilt for a cousin who is recovering from serious injuries.

I should be able to do one item a week, don’t ya think?  And since May has seven weeks this year…

Linking to Judy Laquidara’s Get It Done – May 2013

Get It Done / Goals report

I laughed when I read Judy Laquidara’s report tonight…she said her report stinks!  Well, so does mine.  Hold your nose as you keep reading.  My success/failure on March’s Goals:

1.  Go to Paula Nadelstern’s kaleidoscope class in New Braunfels. YES! A wonderful 5-day class through Quilting Adventures. FABULOUS artist/teacher. My first block (about 16″ across, for scale):

March 2013 461

2. Quilt and bind one top. NOPE.

3. Finish up Anita’s Arrowhead blocks. I think this is the second month I blew this project off. NO.

4. March’s postcard for a guild member. YES!  (I’ll post a photo of the January & February postcards when I get all my pix on my new computer.)

April’s Goals:

1. Four baby quilts for our church’s silent auction quilted and bound.

2. Finish my cowgirl boots friendship quilt.

3. April’s postcard for a guild member.

And since I haven’t posted much for bird photos this year (a combination of a less-convenient camera, sharing a computer in TX, and the alignment of the planets), I thought I would throw in a Texas bird picture.  A White Ibis at Paradise Pond in Port Aransas:

White Ibis blogLinking to:  Judy L’s Patchwork Times and her Get It Done challenge.

February’s Get It Done Report

February’s Goals:

1. Finish Anita’s Arrowhead top (photo below).  Never touched it.  Instead, I finished piecing my tumbler blocks top.

Straight Unmatched
2. Make more red-black-white blocks for my guild challenge quilt.  Needed 35; made 50.  (Well, I cut out too many.)  I can make two 5×5 baby quilts, or a 6×8 bigger lap quilt.  (The original size was 5×7.) 

3. Work on the Branching Out applique blocks.   Yes, did some a small amount of work, but that qualifies.

4. Felted pin cushions — continuing project. Click HERE for information on the pattern.  Finished another pin cushion. 

5. February’s postcard for guild exchange.  Done on time.


March’s Goals:

1.  Go to Paula Nadelstern’s 5-day kaleidoscope class in New Braunfels, TX.  (Barring a disaster, this is a slam-dunk!)

2.  Quilt and bind one top.  I’m not going to name which one, because I am finding I’m not always in the mood to work on what’s on the list.

3.  Finish up the Anita’s Arrowhead blocks.

4.  One monthly postcard for a guild member.

Linking to:  Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times



Get It Done: Summary & Goals

My participation in Judy Laquidara’s “Get It Done” challenge in January was a good first month.  After I looked my list over last month, I knew I had too much handwork and not enough machine sewing, and I was right.  Also, I shoudn’t have planned on any longarm quilting for a while.

January’s Results:

1.  Quilt Niece Summer’s 1910 Reproduction quilt.  Nope.  Pushed out to about March.
2.  Quilt Grand-Nephew Colton’s Minkee quilt.  Nope.  Also pushed out to about March.
3.  Complete four more appliqued blocks on my Branching Out quilt.   This is a partial completion with more leaves made and some blocks glue-basted.
4.  Work on my felt pin cushionsYes!  Finished three and cut out 10 or so more. I also prepared some of the inner pouches and filled them with ground walnut shells
5.  I have five pillowcases to finish up and mail for nieces and nephews.  Done.  Done.  Done.  Done.  Done.

Extra stuff, since I couldn’t quite stay with the program:

6.  Finished 8 more blocks on my Anita’s Arrowhead quilt.
7.  Knit several inches onto a purple scarf.
8.  Finished my January postcard for our guild’s postcard swap.  (Can’t show it to you yet as the recipient may read my blog.  In future months, I’ll be able to show the previous month’s postcard.)

February’s Goals:

1.  Finish Anita’s Arrowhead top.
2.  Make more black/white/red blocks for my guild challenge quilt.
3.  Work on the Branching Out applique blocks.
4.  Felted pin cushions — continuing project.  Click HERE for information on the pattern.
5.  February’s postcard for guild exchange.

I liked working this way, with specific projects in mind for the month.  I will be shooting for a better balance of projects in February, although I don’t mind that I strayed from my goals projects a bit.

Four audio books read this month:  Nortorious Nineteen (Janet Evanovich), Royal Flush (Rhys Bowen), My Antonia (Willa Cather), In the Woods (Tana French).

Linking to:  Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times.



2013 “Get It Done” Challenge

Judy Laquidara is a great motivator, and I like her new Get It Done challenge for 2013.

The rules are easy.  The last day of the month (for example, TODAY!)  post four quilting-related things you would like accomplish in the following month (January, in this case).  Ready?  Here is my January list:

  1. Finish Niece Summer’s 1910 Reproduction quilt.  (Needs to be quilted & bound).  The name of this pattern is “1910 Nine-Patch”, and I found it the January/February 2007 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  A big difference, though, is in the original pattern each finished 9-patch measured ONLY 2 1/4″.  I bumped the block size up to 6″ finished.  I love how old it looks already.1910 Quilt
  2. Finish Grand-Nephew Colton’s Minkee quilt.  (Needs to be quilted & bound) DSCN1945
  3. Complete four more appliqued blocks on my Branching Out quilt.  (I have all 12 pieced blocks done and two out of 13 of the appliqued blocks done.)  The pieced blocks will be alternated with the appliqued blocks.  This pattern is from the book Sisterhood, a Quilting Tradition by Nancy Lee Murty. DSCN1081
  4. Work on my felt pin cushions.  I’m using a pattern by Sandi Andersen.  I also have some patterns by One Wing Wool I’m going to work on.  (This will be an on-going project all year long.)  DSCN1947
  5. I have five pillowcases to finish up and mail for nieces and nephews.  (No photo, but you know what pillowcases look like 🙂

(I know that’s five instead of four, but I was never much good at math.)  Hmm, I see I have a lot of handwork and no piecing for the month.  I might have to change out a project as the month goes along as I do like to sit at the sewing machine!

I’m going to try hard to stay on task and get these four five things done in January.  Thank you, Judy, for thinking up ways to make us more productive!

Check out Judy’s blog to see what other participants are planning on doing in January.  Maybe you will want to join in too!