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The beginning of January, I posted a Get It Done posting linking to Judy Laquidara’s challenge to list four things at the beginning of the month that we were planning to do or complete in the following month.  One of my ongoing projects has been making these absolutely ADORABLE pincushions from a long-tucked-away pattern by Sandi Andersen over at A Legacy of Stitches.  (It seems I never have handwork for our weekly get-togethers that beg for a little hand stitching.)

There was quite a bit of interest in this pincushion pattern, but it was an older pattern and no longer available…unless you were lucky enough to have a copy stashed away.

Well, Sandi brought back this pattern, but not as a purchase.  She is offering it as a free download on her blog!  (There is a link within this blog posting of Sandi’s.)

Thank you, Sandi, for your generosity…and thank you Judy for the interest that sparked these events!  Now, go get your copy, check out Sandi’s blog, and if you’re not already a fan, check out Judy’s blog.  As you can see, these pincushions are quite addicting:

NOTES:  1.  I am using Woolfelt by National Nonwovens.  I purchased a bundle on eBay so I have a wide variety of colors.  The trick is to saturate the piece of Woolfelt in warm water, and then toss in the dryer with a big towel.  Do similar colors together.  If it’s a little wrinkled, I steam gently but don’t iron it flat.  It comes out slight crinkly and wooly looking.  2.  You don’t have to be good at embroidery.  I’m awful, and slightly wonky stitches look charming.  (At least that’s MY take on embroidery!)  3.  I used crushed (or maybe it’s ground?) walnut shells to stuff.  They have a little more weight to the pincushion.  You can buy a big bag of it in the pet store and share with your friends.  It’s sold as reptile bedding.  (I make a 4″x4″ liner out of leftover cotton fabric to put the walnuts shells in so they don’t migrate through the Woolfelt.)

6 thoughts on “Pincushions”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned about wetting and drying the wool. I would have started with the wool felt just as it is. Going to get some in the wash and maybe make one tonight. I’m so glad Sandi shared the cute pattern. Thanks to both of you!

  2. Your post today made me smile! I loved designing that little pincushion and have made a whole bunch of them, too. The photo with all the pincushions in progress looks like a flower garden! Thanks for sharing about my little pincushion!

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