Aplomado Falcon

If you saying to yourself…”what kind of falcon???”, you’re not alone.

Aplomado Falcon

Wednesday some of us staying at the Sandcastle Condominiums in Port Aransas, TX, were treated to the rare sighting of one of these birds.  He (or she) caught a pigeon and brought it to one of the third-floor balconies to enjoy this meal.  Then the aplomado falcon got kind of distracted by all the activity by the hot tubs and everyone’s attention focused on him.  He stuck around for about an hour, either perching on the balcony or hopping down to consume his meal.

I read online that 23 aplomado falcon youngsters were released on Mustang Island last summer (2012), and I’m sure this was one of them.  (Port Aransas is on Mustang Island.)  We sure didn’t know what we were looking at at the time, we just knew we had never seen anything like it before.  What a treat!

For more information on this bird, fly on over to the Ecobirder’s web site.  This is a birding site I follow, and you can always find the link to his site on my right-hand sidebar under Fun Places to Visit.

2 thoughts on “Aplomado Falcon”

  1. P2 is a female Aplomado Falcon and she was one of the strongest in the group that was released over the summer. She is also one of the females that is fitted with a PTT transmitter to help the Peregrine Fund follow movements f the falcons throughout the area. I was honored to be one of the hack site release attendants that cared for her in my groups.

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