Aplomado Falcon Update

A few days ago I posted about an unusual bird that brought her prey to one of the condo balconies where we are.   Later, our friend George did some research and found a photo of an Aplomado Falcon, and we knew it was a match.

Aplomado Falcon 053reduced

Today I was contacted by a biologist who is with one of the
organizations responsible for this falcon’s release on Mustang Island (The Peregrine Fund).  He said some of the falcons released were equipped with transmitters, and the wire would be visible under the tail.  The photo above shows it clearly.  He also said this is a female (her banding shows P2 in many photos).

Some who saw her prey thought it was a pigeon, but the biologist suggested it could possibly (and more likely) have been a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Aplomado Falcon 054reduced

There was also a comment on my previous post by someone who volunteered as a hack site attendant during the release of these birds last summer.  She commented that this particular female was one of the strongest birds.

Wow — that was so much fun to get more information on this bird and learn a little more about what’s happening on Mustang Island during the time we’re not here.  I MUST get a local newspaper subscription!


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