Back from retreat.  Had a wonderful time.  Ate too much.  Wanna go back.

There.  You’re all up to date.  How about some pictures?

Skipper in Alabama

Yes, they have bugs and butterflies in Alabama too. I think this is a skipper. It looks a lot like one I saw at home in MN this summer.

Aunt Bertha with her 25th Anniversary Quilt

My Aunt Bertha.  Here she is working on a quilt to celebrate their guild’s 25th anniversary.  Each block has 25 pieces!  Pretty clever idea, and very pretty top.


The retreat was fabulous!  Here we had an autumn dinner of pork loin with peaches, au gratin cauliflower, corn bread, roasted sweet potatoes, and sauerkraut salad.  (Not pictured:  strawberry shortcake!)

(PS:  I’m having fun with my header photo.  Right now it’s set to randomly show a different picture when refreshed.  I know, I am easily amused.)

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