Little quilt

Am I the last quilter on earth to use the Lil Twister template?


I am using two charm packs.  I sewed them together with a 3″ border.  Then you cut around the Lil Twister template, having centered the markings over the square intersections.


I’ll add a border or two when I’m done piecing.

4 thoughts on “Little quilt”

  1. That’s it. You are the last one…Kiddin!
    I did a four blocks, and I had made my own template. I used 3 in a table runner. It was okay, I did like the finish, but I found the project kinda fiddly, and doubt I would have completed a quilt. Yours looks great! Did you enjoy the process?

  2. I haven’t used the Lil Twister, but I’ve seen it demonstrated several times.– I have the Twisted Sister ruler and haven’t even finished that quilt. But, Susan, I have all my pieces cut for Rose of Sharon. It took me four days using Kate’s Accuquilt Go!. I can’t imagine having done it without the machine. Now I consider that an accomplishment!!

  3. no…you are not the last one. I have the tool and still have not used it! But I am finally using the yellow I bought at JoAnn’s probably in ’06 shopping with you.
    Yay… 14 2/3 yards ! Never made the quilt it was planned for along with Aunt Grace’s Around the World fat quarters. No longer much care for the quilt pattern I picked back then so I am using all that fabric for the Row Along @ Bee in My Bonnet.

  4. Those Lil Twister pieced tops are so fascinating. Love yours! Don’t own that tool yet, but I’ve looked at it many times. Better get it before it’s no longer available. How big will your final quilt be?

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