While at the Grand Oak retreat in Alabama last week, Alice was making arrowhead blocks.  I am attracted to two-color blocks lately, and decided to give it a go.

Now for the dilemma:  How to set the blocks.  Straight set or on point?  Matching the lights and darks where the blocks meet, or aligning the opposite colors?  Do you prefer:

a straight set with color-matched edges:

a straight set with unmatched edges:

an on-point set with matched edges:

or, an on-point set with unmatched edges?

Won’t you please vote below and let me know your opinion?  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Suggestions?”

  1. I think #4 really shows off the piecing in a dynamic way. At first I was drawn to #1 as I’m a matchy – matchy person, but why not show off the blocks. I also think of the way it is constructed, and if you would either have to do a lot of re-pressing of seams, etc., to make things line up well in #1. There’s really a lot of eye movement in #4. Oh, heck, just do what you want 😉

  2. I contradict on my opinions, I like # 4, and then # 1. 1 is neat and pronounced, but I usually like to separate the colors like #4, because after all, there are all those little pieces that were cut and matched. Somehow, 4 shows it better than 2. Contrary, aren’t I? As if you wanted to know all my reasoning (or irrationalities, lol)
    hugs, pokey

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