“Stick-to-it” Report, Week 2

Goal:  165 miles walked in 11 weeks.

Week 1:  15 miles
Week 2: 15 miles for a running total of 30 miles

That puts me exactly on target, except for the fact that we’re bound to get some nasty weather eventually when I won’t want to walk, and I will be at JudyL’s retreat for about five days in February (including driving time).  I need to be walking more than the bare minimum.  In my defense, I’m still building up stamina.  I’m hoping to do a little better next week, but time will tell.

It’s foggy this morning on Mustang Island, TX.  I thought I would share some pictures of a week ago or so when I walked in the fog.  It was a little bit surreal, but also very surprising how much activity was going on.  Here are a few ways to have fun on the beach on a January afternoon when the fog just refuses to lift.


2 thoughts on ““Stick-to-it” Report, Week 2”

  1. Good for you, your goal is one that will improve stamina! Your views on your walk are fabulous. I think you’ll make it, you have done well so far. I’m cheering for you, Sue!

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