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Paradise Pond

Paradise Pond, Port Aransas, TX:

Yes, this is Paradise Pond during a drought.  Surprisingly, there were some birds around due to the fact that there are a couple of faucets dripping into two small little pools.  The roundest Cardinal I’ve ever seen:

And I was so excited to see the Great Kiskadee is still in residence:

It was a good first day at Paradise Pond.

Design-Wall Monday

This was a busy week, but I guess they all are!

We had a “crafting” get-together in TX this past week with at least 26 ladies attending.  My plan was to make glasses cases (or iPod cases or phone cases) out of ready-made potholders.  They are so simple — one L-shaped seam and sew on a button and you’re done.

NOT SO FAST!!!  My machine down here isn’t as heavy duty as my machine at home, and goodness knows what size needles I had on hand, but they weren’t doing the job.  I figured it wouldn’t be fun for the ladies to sew with needles breaking every fourth potholder, so I stitched the L-shaped seam ahead of time and we sewed buttons on by hand as a group!  I wish I would have taken a picture of the 26 I stitched up for the get-together, but I didn’t, so here’s a picture of two I made for myself after the meeting:

I was able to get my rotary cutter in one and my Razr phone in the other (just barely).  Just search for potholders on line, and there are a lot of projects out there you can make from a ready-made potholder.

On a photography note, I joined the 365 Project, which is a web site where you take at least one photo a day and post it on their site.  It will make kind of a photo journal of my year.  Right now it’s all about the birds, but there are times of the year that I don’t see many birds, so I will be forced to branch out *shudder*.  I put a link on my left-hand side bar and would LOVE it if you visited.

Back to work!  I need to finish my blocks for my Color Palette Challenge with Judy Laquidara.  The end of the month is near!