Design Wall Monday

Last MONDAY,I heard that, due to solar activity and other conditions, the likelihood for visible northern lights was very good for my location (south of Minneapolis).  I wasn’t going to go out in the dark countryside, with my camera, alone with only billions of bugs for company, speculating that I could see the northern lights, and could also figure out my camera in the dark to get photos.

At 10:50 pm, I had a change of heart, and changed out of my jammies, threw my camera stuff in a bag, and jumped in the car.  (I did tell Hubster approximately where I was planning to go.)

As I approached Hastings, it was almost like driving into wispy clouds, and I thought my chances were falling to zero if there was cloud cover.  They were strange white clouds, however, so I kept going.  It turns out the rods in our eyes that are used for night vision don’t see color very well.  The CAMERA, however, sees what we don’t see:

aurora re edited reduced pixels

WEDNESDAY I went to our church’s mega garage sale, just to looked around as I surely needed to bring nothing home with me.  I found a vase a friend has been looking for, some embroidered luncheon cloths for future projects…then I saw this:

Jade Moonbeam front

A Singer 185k, born in 1959 in Kilbowie, Scotland.  The price was reasonable enough that I was willing to take her home not knowing if she could sew a stitch.  After some tinkering, she sews a fine stitch.  I wasn’t familiar with the 185, but it’s basically a Singer 99 with an updated housing.  Her name is Jade Moonbeam, and I put her right to work:

Camera bags

THIS WEEKEND, I made three sets of two camera accessory bags for gifts.  I used Missouri Star tutorial to make the zippered bags, and they go together really easily.

Hope you have a great week!

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