Design-Wall Monday

*whew*  I just got back from visiting my Aunt Bertha in Huntsville, AL, for a wonderful week.  We spend SIX DAYS at quilting retreats — 3 days each at two different retreats.  In two different states!  Had too much fun.

I worked on a bag that I couldn’t finish with my travel sewing machine, so that photo will have to wait til later.  Then I stitched up a Christmas table runner from a pattern called Pat’s Favorite Table Runner.  (Please excuse the fold marks.  It was just unpacked!)  It was a nice pattern to follow, and I will more than likely make this one up again.  This is a top only, and I need to quilt & bind:

07-14-2014 365 07-09-2014

But I spent most of my time on my Paula Nadelstern blocks.  This one took 2 1/2 days, partly because of modifications.  The first day and a half resulted in this block:

07-09-2014 365 kaleidoscope block

Looking through Paula’s books, I could see that she doesn’t leave the sides plain like this, so I added some points:

07-14-2014 365 kaleidoscope w points

Linking to Judy L’s Patchwork Times.  Thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday”

  1. There are I think 8 fabrics in the Paula N. block. You try to choose fabrics for each patch that will blend with the patch next to it…blend isn’t the right word, but to create some movement through the block. It makes a pretty seamless look. That gives me the idea to show a photo of the back next time, to show all the seams!

  2. Love your Paula block! Is it made from one fabric or several? It looks like several, but I’m not sure. I have not seen her work before and will have to check it out. Your table runner is really nice, too.

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