“Young Punk” Squirrel

He may look sweet and innocent, but this rascal knocked down the bird feeder!  Our feathered friends were not very happy with him, and neither was I.  I’m leaving the feeder down for a couple of weeks so these two pesky squirrels can get used to finding their meals elsewhere.

By the way, this is my 900th blog post, and so it seems like an appropriate time to do something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years…transition into more of a photo gallery blog.  Two years ago (or so) when I did my last blog make-over, I didn’t like the photo-heavy themes that were available to work with WordPress.  I guess I was ahead of my time, because there are lots of photo blog themes to choose from now.

It seems to me that blogging has changed in the last couple of years, and I’ve gotten tired of my original thought of having a sort of diary on the web.  Photography is taking up most of my spare time lately, although I still love quilting and knitting and will continue to be happy when I have a needle in my hand.

2 thoughts on ““Young Punk” Squirrel”

  1. Glad to see you doing what makes you happy. Blogging has changed through the years, or maybe we’ve changed. Like you, the things I blogged about a few years ago don’t hold as much interest for me now so it’s encouraging to see you taking the steps to transform your blog into what works best for you.

    You take such amazing pictures . . your photos inspire me to learn to do better with my picture taking.

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