2013 “Get It Done” Challenge

Judy Laquidara is a great motivator, and I like her new Get It Done challenge for 2013.

The rules are easy.  The last day of the month (for example, TODAY!)  post four quilting-related things you would like accomplish in the following month (January, in this case).  Ready?  Here is my January list:

  1. Finish Niece Summer’s 1910 Reproduction quilt.  (Needs to be quilted & bound).  The name of this pattern is “1910 Nine-Patch”, and I found it the January/February 2007 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  A big difference, though, is in the original pattern each finished 9-patch measured ONLY 2 1/4″.  I bumped the block size up to 6″ finished.  I love how old it looks already.1910 Quilt
  2. Finish Grand-Nephew Colton’s Minkee quilt.  (Needs to be quilted & bound) DSCN1945
  3. Complete four more appliqued blocks on my Branching Out quilt.  (I have all 12 pieced blocks done and two out of 13 of the appliqued blocks done.)  The pieced blocks will be alternated with the appliqued blocks.  This pattern is from the book Sisterhood, a Quilting Tradition by Nancy Lee Murty. DSCN1081
  4. Work on my felt pin cushions.  I’m using a pattern by Sandi Andersen.  I also have some patterns by One Wing Wool I’m going to work on.  (This will be an on-going project all year long.)  DSCN1947
  5. I have five pillowcases to finish up and mail for nieces and nephews.  (No photo, but you know what pillowcases look like 🙂

(I know that’s five instead of four, but I was never much good at math.)  Hmm, I see I have a lot of handwork and no piecing for the month.  I might have to change out a project as the month goes along as I do like to sit at the sewing machine!

I’m going to try hard to stay on task and get these four five things done in January.  Thank you, Judy, for thinking up ways to make us more productive!

Check out Judy’s blog to see what other participants are planning on doing in January.  Maybe you will want to join in too!


13 thoughts on “2013 “Get It Done” Challenge”

  1. I saw that you are planning on making some of my pincushion patterns, I hope you enjoy them! I just launched my new website the other night and there are a few new pincushions on there to tempt you some more…
    I love your “Challenge”, I have many projects on my list too!
    Happy New Year, Darlene @ One Wing Wool

  2. Don’t you love January when we are full of anticipation and eager to get going on our projects? I’m glad Judy is helping us focus month by month.

    1. No, but they could be. This quilt is super scrappy, but it’s all settled down by all the red fabric that is the same. The darks are Civil War repros in black, gray, navy, maroon. The lights are shirting fabrics of all sorts. Somehow it all works together.

  3. I see we have some taste in common. I love both the 1910 9-patch (and I would have made the blocks larger, too!) and the Branching Out Quilt. I also love working with wool and Sandi. =) Are you on her wooly buddies list?

    1. No, I haven’t joined Sandi’s wool group, but it’s just because I haven’t really done much in wool. This little pattern is my first attempt, and who doesn’t need a pin cushion! I’ll have to check out your blog too…it’s always fun to find someone with similar taste and interests! Sue

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