We took the Amtrak Empire Builder west to Seattle last month.  Our friends George & Luana boarded the Empire Builder in Chicago, and friends Barb and Ray boarded in Milwaukee.  We joined the party when the train came through St. Paul.  A few photos:

The scenic countryside was varied, interesting, and beautiful.  I’ll skip ahead to Pike Place in Seattle:

So many pictures, so little space…

Don’t you love that green vegetable?  It’s called Romanesco broccoli or broccoflower.  I don’t know what it tastes like, but it’s really quite beautiful.

Seattle is such a tourist-friendly city.  Downtown Seattle is a lively, interesting place.  We were able to get by without a car, taking the tram to the Space Needle, and walking everywhere else.  Well, that’s not quite true!  We did take the ferry to Bremerton, and that’s when I took the top photo.

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time!  More photos another day.

3 thoughts on “Seattle”

  1. Between the fish market and the fruits and veggies, I’d be in food heaven! Lucky you to have been there. Were they tossing the fish around? Heard that is something to see!

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