If elected,

a chicken in every pot!!!  No, wait, that’s not what I wanted to say.

I am looking for votes though.  Quilting Gallery runs a contest every week.  This week’s theme is Wind, Earth, Fire & Water.  I thought I would enter my beachy quilted wall hanging, since it’s one of my favorites quilted items I’ve made.

To check out all this week’s entries (and to vote for your two favorites), click HERE.  You will see all the quilts with a short description.  Keep scrolling down, and you will come to a list of just the names of the quilts, and there you can vote on two.

Regardless of whom you vote for, you will enjoy the visit!


PS:  Vicki Welsh is a sponsor of this week’s contest and the two winners will received stash packs of some of Vicki’s yummy hand-dyed fabrics.


3 thoughts on “If elected,”

  1. I popped in from the Quilting Gallery. I’ve made one of these quilts for a Christmas swap – my family was horrified that I gave it away but my recipient was a displaced Aussie and I wanted to give her her own beach even if she did live in cold Canada. It was very fun to make and I have every intention of making another and using the techniques I learned in other projects. Interesting blog! Hope your mum is settled in. I’ve done the same thing for my elderly in-laws and it’s made me look at my stash in a new light. Better get busy and use it up! Good luck in the contest!

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