How to look foolish to most of your friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers, all AT ONE TIME:

  • Go to your web site and see unfamiliar information.
  • Panic!  I said… PANIC!!!
  • Someone must have stolen my web site for the deviously sinister intentions to overthrow the free world!
  • Run scan on computer because my former web site is now probably infected with all kinds of internet cooties.
  • Scan is clean.
  • What if it really isn’t?  I better notify everyone I think may ever, for whatever reason, go to www.suehecker.com.  I don’t want them to get cooties too…
  • E-mail doesn’t go through because I have too many addressees.  Do it over as several smaller e-mails.
  • Panic-email my son Dave who’s my computer guru.  Twice.
  • Wake up Hubster to tell him my web site is stolen.
  • Search on line to learn about these evil thieves.  Feel very, very depressed, just short of openly sobbing.
  • My blog is gone.  It’s really gone.
  • E-mail Michelle over at Quilting Gallery to take the link off my name on this week’s quilt contest.  Don’t want any new blog visitors to get cooties too.
  • Michelle e-mails me back.  She took the time to check my blog registry and saw it expired….yesterday!!!
  • One e-mail chat, one phone call, and one credit card charge after that (took about 5 minutes) and…
  • All fixed.  Never mind.

Just think of what would happen if I overreacted to events like this!


6 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. Dave, I’m pretty sure I did this to myself. I think I got the domain name because they had my old-old e-mail address. I’m good for 10 years this time…and what are the odds I will have the same e-mail in 10 years???

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