Tuesday Tweet / World Bird Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to the bird memes, due in large part to my mother’s health.  I’m just glad we’re back from Texas and can help her through this phase of her life…the search for assisted living facilities starts tomorrow.

Tonight I’m only going to think about this precious little house finch that was catching the evening sun tonight in our flowering crab tree.

And he was just as pretty from the back:

For more bird photos, be sure and click on the buttons below:




9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tweet / World Bird Wednesday”

  1. Been wondering…good luck with your search. Remember to ask LOTZ of questions….I remember I didn’t ask enuf at the beginning.

  2. It sure does look pretty from both sides! I’m hoping the search for your Momma goes well, it’s a tough job. I’ve been there, too. Hugs, pokey

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