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Bird Post

I haven’t been taking many photos lately, especially birdie ones, so I went back in time to select one of my favorite photos.

I believe it’s a juvenile house finch.  They will eventually shed those horn-like feathers.

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American Robin

We have a crabtree right outside our kitchen window, and this year we have the most apples we’ve ever had.  It’s a good thing, because the robins are hungry and the little apples must be tasty.

We saw one robin eat three apples in a row.  This tree is going to be picked clean in no time!

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Tuesday Tweet / World Bird Wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to the bird memes, due in large part to my mother’s health.  I’m just glad we’re back from Texas and can help her through this phase of her life…the search for assisted living facilities starts tomorrow.

Tonight I’m only going to think about this precious little house finch that was catching the evening sun tonight in our flowering crab tree.

And he was just as pretty from the back:

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