• Heels and nylons are not a part of my normal life.  I wore them Sunday night to a party and my left knee still hurts!  Time to shop for a pair of dressy flats (I’m a Clarks and Sketchers kinda girl normally) and ditch my last pair of heels.
  • I have a new phone — a Droid (no, no — say it with me in a low, drawn-out voice…D R O I D…).  It does everything, although I’m still in Learning Mode.  I was taking a picture of the newly fallen snow, and wondered, “what’s this button for?”.  It reversed the camera so I could take a picture of myself.  I was so startled, I hit the shutter button.  The result:

  • Judging from the above picture, I need to get a professional haircut, go back to coloring my hair — and why am I looking over the tops of my glasses to take a picture when I have new bifocals?
  • It’s good to take care of your knees, and don’t examine the rest of yourself too closely.



5 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. Hey, that is a cute hairdo if you ask me! And your Droid makes me just a (tiny) bit envious, lucky you…after you study the handbook for a day or two. Makes me think they should offer how-to classes like they do when you buy a new sewing machine, lol

  2. One of the funniest photos I’ve seen in a long time. AND, I always look over the top of my glasses ‘cuz they are cheaters and only used for up-close work. Nuff said!

  3. Eileen, looking forward to seeing you in January! I’ll probably still look over my glasses though from time to time though. Old habit from when my bifocals weren’t strong enough. And it will happen again, only a matter of time…

  4. I wish everyone that looks over the top of their glasses would take a picture of themselves like this!! It is a pet peeve of mine. If they could see themselves maybe they would not do it anymore. OF COURSE YOU LOOK JUST PEACHY. Seems like time is flying by.

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