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“Healthy Eating” Update

(Don’t you hate the word “diet”?  It has such a negative connotation.)

I’ve lost 11 pounds in four weeks.  My Healthy Eating plan is through Weight Watchers Points Plus on line.

Easter dinner was a bit of a challenge.  I wanted to make a good dinner for my family, but I didn’t want to sabotage my Healthy Eating Plan.  I made an herbed pork loin (delicious), green salad, vegetable…and in the past I would have made cheesy potatoes.  You know the ones — sour cream, lotsa cheese, cream-of-something soup.  I love them, and so does my family.

I decided to try something different, and one of the things I really love about WW is their recipes.  It makes it easier to make healthy choices.  I decided to try their Potatoes Au Gratin.  Weight Watcher photo:

What a winner!  Reduced-fat cheese, whole milk, Yukon Gold potatoes, onion, a touch of butter and seasonings.    Everyone enjoyed them, and best of all…they don’t taste “diet”.  They don’t even taste “healthy”.  They taste DELICIOUS!


Stick-to-it Report, Week #4

Goal:  165 miles walked in 11 weeks

Week 1:  15 miles
Week 2:  15 miles
Week 3:  16.75 miles
Week 4: 15 miles

For a total so far of 61.75 miles

My favorite place to walk to is the South Jetty.  It’s about 4 1/2 miles round trip, and there’s always something interesting to see.  Yesterday it was a Snowy Egret fishing for his breakfast: