Remember this guy?

I posted this photo a few days ago, and I didn’t know what kind of bird it was.  I thought maybe a red-shouldered hawk, but the details weren’t quite right.  A couple of friends had thought maybe a Cooper’s hawk or a red-tailed hawk.  I contacted a birder, and he thought maybe a broad-shouldered hawk or a red-shouldered hawk, but said it was difficult with juveniles.  A reader/internet friend suggested a sparrow hawk.  Obviously, his identification is not obvious!


Well.  My neighbor put a photo on Facebook, and identified it as a Prairie Falcon.  I looked up some photos, and Patti, I think you’re right!  They are considered rare in this part of Minnesota, as they are a western bird.  I’m sure he was migrating and that’s why we got a look at him in April.

Thank you, everybody.  That was fun!

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