The Hummers are Back

There are two that are vying for territorial rights to this feeder.  They just can’t seem to figure out that there’s plenty to share.  I figure it must taste sweeter if you’ve chased someone else away to get at it!  We’ve had a lot of rain the past few days, and this hummingbird stopped by for a between-the-showers treat:

And sometimes they are so pressed for time, they don’t even perch.  It reminds me of the drive-thru window at McDonalds…grab and run.

I never get tired of watching them, and they have been frequent visitors…a lovely little 10- or 15-second break in the day, every 20 minutes or so if we’re lucky.


2 thoughts on “The Hummers are Back”

  1. They are very entertaining. We had a little guy that would land on a top (bare) branch on the peach tree outside my bedroom window, it always brought a smile to see him there. The branch is gone since the tree was pruned back, and now I only occasionally see one sipping at the yellow hibiscus….

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