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Teapot Parade

I started these photos as just a record-keeping exercise.  I wanted to leave the boys some information about each one for when I’m *gone*, and I didn’t take any special care in the pictures so I apologize for the randomness in the photos.  Some teapots are special mementos, some were gifts from special people, some are from TJ Maxx, and at least one is from a garage sale!  I love them all.




I’ve fallen into a snow globe and can’t get out!!!

This is just getting ridiculous!  I was on the roads around noon today, and the roads were pretty greasy feeling with this new snow coming down.  Not good.  It’s been snowing continuously since this morning.  Rush hour must be a mess tonight.

And the Vikings-Bears game!!!  Being played at the University of Minnesota’s TCF stadium (because of the deflation of the Metrodome roof from the last storm)!!!  Yes, it’s an open stadium.  The game should be entertaining, from a weather standpoint, at least.



was a great day!  I met up with blogger Mary at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN,  today for a little coffee and conversation.  I really enjoyed meeting Mary outside of a computer, and it’s so nice to have a voice and a three-dimensional face in mind when you’re reading someone’s words.

DH and I also chose a new refrigerator today to replace the dying one after looking in SIX appliance stores!!! I’ll feel much better when the new one is delivered and happily churning out winter in a box.



Remember when “potpourri” was a category on Jeopardy?  I don’t think they use that any more, so I guess it’s available for a blog post title.

– Fat Tuesday:  Last report for a while.  Lost another pound for a total of 11.  I’m going to continue on my “health plan” as best I can during the rest of this busy summer and only report periodically.

– The Scott County Fair starts tomorrow.  If you’re going to be at the fair on Friday, our DayStitchers group will be doing handwork in the creative activities building in the afternoon.  Be sure to say “hi”!  (And a note to DayStitchers:  We won’t be at the library Wednesday.  Call me or another member if you don’t know the location.)

– Our refrigerator is dying a slow death.  The repairman came out yesterday and gave us the bad news.  It’s only ten years old *sniff*.  Looking for a new fridge today.

-Photographing the wild flowers behind us has been so much fun.  The “garden” changes from one time of day to another, and from one day to the next.  Yesterday It had a real autumn feel to me all of a sudden.  Some flowers are looking “done”, and there were hardly any insects.  Photos in a later post…

-Yesterday was so hectic, I never did make my Design Wall Monday posting.  I finished the Opal Harry Potter socks just in time to get them entered in the fair.  The stripes turned out pretty well, they are the same size, and there are no holes in them!

This week I’ll pick out a new skein of sock yarn to start another pair, find the book our newly formed book club is reading this month, make my two blocks for my Farmer’s Wife Sampler, and I need to go downstairs and reacquaint myself with Elvis.

-In case you thought you heard wolves howling last night, did you see the moon?

-BONUS!  I get to meet a fellow blogger today at the Mall of America, plus I’ll sneak in a side trip to IKEA.


It Could Be Verse…

…then again,  maybe not…

Song composed while in traffic Saturday.  It helps if you sing it out loud to the tune Turkey In The Straw. Go ahead, even if you’re at work!

If you only had a brain,
Then you wouldn’t drive so strange.
Then you wouldn’t cut me off
so my undies need a change.

But you never got a brain,
Nope, not even a grain, ‘Cuz
You weren’t at the station
When the Brain Train Came.

Telephoto Tuesday

This is a photo out our back window, looking from the mowed yard, into the wild flowers, down into the weeds and woods.

This is the prettiest time of summer.  We’ve had lots of rain, plenty of heat, and everything is lush and green.  Once we get into August, well, it just won’t be so pretty.  And speaking of pretty…

…we had the prettiest sunset Sunday night.  It started out to be a pretty pastel sunset.  Then, this rich color which only lasted for a minute.  I went to get another picture and *poof* it was gone.