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UFO Parade — Wednesday’s Progress Report

Minkee on the front and back of a quilt may not be a good idea on a domestic sewing machine, but it works just fine on my longarm.  Because this little quilt is for a tyke (grand-nephew Colton) in Arizona, I’m not using any batting.  He happens to be visually challenged, so I think the soft Minkee will be fun for him.


The down side is that the quilting (stars and loops) scarcely shows on the front.  I think it may show a bit more on the back.  Well, that’s what I get with no batting to plump it up.

I’ve also worked some more on my Quilting Room Cleaning/Reorganization.  And yes, it deserves capital letters!  I bought this closet organizer unit from target a couple of years ago.  My fat quarters fit perfectly in the space designed for shoes.  I have yardage (up to 3-yard cuts) wrapped around comic boards in the very top.  There are two drawers:  one containing various rulers, and the other holds extension cords and various clip-on lights and Ott lights.


THEN I thought I was so clever and filled the lower spaces with yarn.  I put 3-4 skeins in each little cubby.  And there my yarn died.  Out of sight, out of reach.  So I gave the yarn away.

My new plan is putting a little container or tray in each of the 15 openings, and I can pull everything in that cubby out easily.  When I’m done moving things around and sorting, I will label the various trays.  There are certain things I can never find easily, and they will get a slot:  velcro, my hot glue guns, various tools, little hardware closure thingies.


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UFO Wednesday

This week I’m working on grand-nephew Colton’s Minkee quilt:


It is just big squares of green and white fabric, and it’s also backed with Minkee.  I think I will quilt it with big stars.  Colton and his family live in Arizona, so I’m making this with no batting.  I found a green and white strip cotton for the binding.  It will just be cuddly and yummy, and hopefully not too heavy.


I also did some hand piecing on my Grandfather’s Rock Garden quilt.  The pathway between the flowers is kind of a lavender-gray color, and a favorite memory is my grandfather’s rock garden with his roses and tiger lilies.  I have 16 flowers done.

I’ve been working on my sewing room for what seems like FOR…EV….ER….  I have a walk-in closet, and I’ve boxed up sewing projects into stackable containers and redone one end of the closet.  I’ve also labeled everything (still working on the other end of the closet that will have fabric and other supplies.)  I always enjoy seeing other people’s sewing space, so I’m sharing mine with you, a little bit at a time.


Yesterday I redid my “Wall of Cones” (thread) so it looks more orderly.  (FYI:  I didn’t have enough 4″ pegboard hangers, and the local big-box hardware store only had assorted packs of the pegboard hanger stuff.  Amazon to the rescue!  $20 for 100.)


It looks so much better having everything hang on the same size/style wire hanger thingy.

I have my finished UFOs a couple of different places.  You can find (almost) all of my UFOs listed under the “UFO Parade” tab at the top of this blog page.  I also have a list of finishes in my right-hand column, towards the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’m linking to Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times, as Judy is hosting the UFO Parade – 2013.  Stop over and visit Judy!  She always has something fun going on.