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Thursday’s Child — UFO Progress

I missed a Thursday as I was at a quilt retreat near Huntsville, AL, last week.  Lucky me!  I brought a very old UFO with me to complete.

The magazine that I found this pattern in is dated 2007, so I think it’s safe to say I started this quilt four years ago.   Here I am at retreat (on the left) with Sandra (on the right) helping me.

The name of this pattern is “1910 Nine-Patch”, and I found it the January/February 2007 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  I fell in love with it immediately.  When I was going through the instructions, I saw the finished size of these 9-patches was 2 1/4 inches!  I upped the size substantially to 6″ finished.  Instead of making 572 9-patch blocks, I made 100!

This quilt is for Niece Summer, and as a bonus my mother-in-law (Summer’s grandmother) was born in 1910.  It will be a nice connection.  Summer wanted a quilt that was vintage looking, and the dark Civil War fabrics and the light shirtings give it that feel.

Since it’s Thursday, I’m adding a post/link to my Thursday’s Child Has Far to Sew blog.  If you’ve made progress on on a UFO this week and blogged about it, you may add a link via Mr. Linky to my Thursday’s Child blog.

I haven’t had any takers yet, and my Aunt Bert asked me how long I was going to do this if I don’t have anybody joining me.  I told her, at least a year!  It’s good motivation for me to get some UFOs done, and it’s one place I can go to and see the progress I’m making.  Hopefully I’m motivating someone else to work on their UFOs.

I need more room in my quilting closet, plus I don’t think my boys want to inherit half-finished quilting projects!


Thursday’s Child

Knowing I have to report my progress (or lack thereof) on Thursdays has made me spend more time at least THINKING about my unfinished quilting projects.

Unnamed, January 2009 — Original Layout

Pretty new for a UFO!  I’m motivated to get this lap quilt done because the colors will work in the sun room Jim’s new man cave.  I just have to finish the quilting and bind it.  I am about 80% done with the quilting, using a pantograph.  My goal is completed pictures next week!

Grandmother’s Flower Garden,  July 2008

I really do enjoy hand stitching these blocks.  I won’t show a boring picture of a few more hexies prepped. 

That’s it for me this week.  Did you get any stitching done on your UFOs this week?  If so, post a link on my blog dedicated to UFO progress,


Thursday’s Child…

Has Far to Sew.  Even though I’ve checked, and I WASN’T born on a Thursday, I believe I must have been due on a Thursday.  I have a very long way to go sew before I am even close to caught up on sewing/quilting projects.

My UFO progress this week:

I completed two more blocks for my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  All the flower blocks are ’30s prints, and the “path” is sort of a lavender gray.  It’s going to be lap sized, a quilt I can have at the end of the bed or over a chair.  I now have 12 blocks done, 26 to go!  (And a photo tip:  if I would have used flash, the wrinkles in the block wouldn’t show!)

How are you doing on your UFOs?  Did you make any progress this week?  Click here for my new UFO support blog (Thursday’s Child Has Far To Sew).

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