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Wednesday’s Puzzle

Kiskadee puzzle

I haven’t done a puzzle for a really long time, so I’m making it a little harder cut.  It’s called the Tetris cut, and it is interlocking “T” shapes.  I chose one of my favorite photos from this year.  It’s the Great Kiskadee who’s hanging around Paradise Pond in Port Aransas, TX.  Isn’t he striking?

Click to Mix and Solve

Click anywhere on the puzzle above to begin.  You will be taken to the JigZone site where my puzzles are hosted.  Good luck!

Skyline as a Puzzle

I really enjoy looking at the Seattle skyline.  Here you can see the Space Needle, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in August of this year, as well as the new Seattle Ferris Wheel (which opened June 29th, 2012).

And since I’ve missed at least a couple of Wednesday puzzles, here is a “Saturday puzzle” for you.  Click anywhere on the puzzle below to begin, and see if you can put Seattle back together again.  It will work just like a jigsaw puzzle.

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