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Flowers to make you smile

Well, they made me smile!  Yesterday started out to be such a bad bird-photo day, I began taking pix of the flowers the Port A Garden Club plants along the entrance to the birding center.  They are starting to really bloom this week, so I guess this is spring in Texas.

With the snow/ice/rain/tornadoes reported in yesterday’s weather, I thought I would share some posies with you and hopefully brighten your day.

I should finish the borders on a quilt today, so finally I can work on something else.   Here’s wishing you a BEAUTIFUL day!


Stick-to-it Report, Week 3

Goal:  165 miles walked in 11 weeks

Week 1:  15 miles
Week 2:  15 miles
Week 3:  16.75 miles

For a total so far of 46.75 miles

These birds always make me smile on my walks, with their oversized orange beaks.  This is a Royal Tern.

And if you have a smart phone (Droid or iPhone) there are some pretty cool pedometer apps that are free.  Anything to make exercise more “fun”.


Port Aransas Visit

I was able to spend three weeks in Port Aransas the latter part of October.  We had picture-perfect weather every day.  EVERY DAY!!!  Some favorite bird pictures from this trip…a small snowy egret chasing the little fishy snacks in and out of the Gulf

A tri-colored heron at the birding center:

A duck at the birding center:

Tomorrow I’ll show the pictures of Paradise Pond.  Get your tissues out, Winter Texans…



Texas Sights

A glimpse of a dolphin…I tried to get its face, but I couldn’t quite anticipate the timing just right.  He was appearing right alongside of us at Robert’s Park in Port Aransas, Tx:


A seagull found a tasty treat at the beach:


And at Paradise Pond, a Black-Crowned Night Heron (juvenile):

Black-Crowned Night Heron

Also at Paradise Pond, a Great Blue Heron takes a break from tending his/her nest high in the trees to take a stretch:

Great Blue Heron

This time of year, there are long, long strings of pelicans flying north in formation:


That’s it for now…



It’s so good to be back on line!  The sleet and freezing rain in Texas knocked out our internet and cable for a couple of days.  There was starting to be a lot of grumbling and worrying about whether we would have TV in time for the Superbowl — we have a lot of Wisconsinites down here — but our services were fully restored today.  *whew*  A riot avoided.

We had four days with lows well down into the 20s and the highs barely into the 30s.  Today I went to the three birding areas in town:  Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, Paradise Pond, and Charlie’s Pasture.  There are ducks.  There are turtles.  There are a few Great Blue Herons.  Not much else.  I think most of the birds flew south to Mexico!!!  I hope all the other birds are okay — there were a couple of turkey vultures circling Charlie’s Pasture that bothered me a little…I tried to look healthy.

My 2.5 mile walk on the paths through Charlie’s Pasture and back out was rewarded with a nice long look at this Reddish Egret.  I think this is a juvenile.  He doesn’t have the long shaggy feathers of an adult, but he definitely has the rust and blue-gray feathers.

He was so much fun to watch!  He was fishing in this pond, and he takes a few slow steps, then a full-out run, then stops.  Repeat.  Sometimes he would raise his wings up umbrella style as he was running.  Very showy.

Reddish Egret, Juvenile

It was so good to get out of the condo and enjoy the sunshine today.  I think we’ve all had quite enough cold, windy weather (although most of January was quite mild).  I didn’t see or hear a single Black-Crowned Night Heron at Paradise Pond, so hopefully they will be back this month.

And Carol, I’ll do a turtle post soon — just for you!