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Flowers to make you smile

Well, they made me smile!  Yesterday started out to be such a bad bird-photo day, I began taking pix of the flowers the Port A Garden Club plants along the entrance to the birding center.  They are starting to really bloom this week, so I guess this is spring in Texas.

With the snow/ice/rain/tornadoes reported in yesterday’s weather, I thought I would share some posies with you and hopefully brighten your day.

I should finish the borders on a quilt today, so finally I can work on something else.   Here’s wishing you a BEAUTIFUL day!


Stick-to-it Report, Week 3

Goal:  165 miles walked in 11 weeks

Week 1:  15 miles
Week 2:  15 miles
Week 3:  16.75 miles

For a total so far of 46.75 miles

These birds always make me smile on my walks, with their oversized orange beaks.  This is a Royal Tern.

And if you have a smart phone (Droid or iPhone) there are some pretty cool pedometer apps that are free.  Anything to make exercise more “fun”.