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On the Needles

A finish!  Well, almost.  It isn’t blocked yet and the couple of ends aren’t woven in.

Pattern:  Wingspan
Yarn:  Crazy Zauberball, Colorway 2100
Difficulty level:  Easy.  Fun to knit


Pattern:  Dreambird
Yarn:  Crazy Zauberball, Colorway U-Boot for the leaves; unknown wool sock yarn for the background
Difficulty level:  A little challenging to start.  Next feather will be easier.

Dreambird Close Dreambird

I’m way behind on Dreambird, mainly because I didn’t like the leaf yarn I first chose. I loved the yarn and the colors, but it had a quite short repeat and all the leaves would look the same.  That would be okay, but not the look I was going for.  Ripped and started over this week.

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One the Needles…


Wingspan (above) is almost done.  I’m on the last triangle above, and I’ve knitted some since then.  Still love it, which is good because it’s for me!



I started Dreambird this week with the above yarn.  Made one feather.  I didn’t care for the dark feather yarn choice so much because it has a short repeat of color.  It would have been okay, but all the feathers would look pretty much the same.  I love the light yarn, however.

A trip to the Twisted Loop this week, and Jenni helped me pick on a Crazy Zauberball in turquoise/gray/blue-purple.  I know the Zauberball has that long stretch of color before repeating.  So this weekend, I will be starting over, and the above yarn (which is yummy) will be perfect for something else.

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I’m in!  Click HERE to see the Dreambird pattern.

Yarn selection:


The light purple/blue/gray mix (unknown brand of fine sock yarn) is the background, and the royal blue/purple/charcoal is for the feathers.  The darker yarn was purchased in Alaska and is a hand-dyed sock-weight yarn with, part cashmere.  Yummy!

Knitting starts Sunday, but I will probably be a couple of days late because I need to free up the needles by finishing the Wingspan shawl.

This shawl will be for a relative who luvs purple…but not saying just who quite yet…

Linking to JudyL’s Patchwork Times.  Judy is hosting a KAL (knit-along) of the Dreambird pattern beginning Sunday, August 25th.