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More Blog Work…

I was pretty pleased with the Twenty Eleven theme.  I thought it was easier to read, I liked the big photo area in the header, and I thought it just looked good.  THEN I found out that it didn’t look the same on mobile devices:  iPads, iPods, phones and the like.  It would take my sidebar off the side and drop it down below all the main content.

I’ve been searching and searching for a “fix”.  Apparently the theme I chose, Twenty Eleven, was DESIGNED to do this!  It makes the post area bigger and easier to read by moving the sidebar down below.  Grrrr!  This might be great for some kinds of web sites, but not for bloggers.

Finally today I saw a comment by someone who said, “I guess I’ll have to go back to Twenty Ten”.  An aha moment.  I previewed Twenty Ten, and it was just what I wanted.  It even reduced the amount of white space at the top of the blog, which was another item I wanted to fix.

There are some minor differences, but this is the theme for me!  Since I’ve just made a rather major change in changing themes, please feel free to comment about anything you don’t like or doesn’t appear to be working right.  Thank you for hanging in there through these changes.



How to look foolish to most of your friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers, all AT ONE TIME:

  • Go to your web site and see unfamiliar information.
  • Panic!  I said… PANIC!!!
  • Someone must have stolen my web site for the deviously sinister intentions to overthrow the free world!
  • Run scan on computer because my former web site is now probably infected with all kinds of internet cooties.
  • Scan is clean.
  • What if it really isn’t?  I better notify everyone I think may ever, for whatever reason, go to  I don’t want them to get cooties too…
  • E-mail doesn’t go through because I have too many addressees.  Do it over as several smaller e-mails.
  • Panic-email my son Dave who’s my computer guru.  Twice.
  • Wake up Hubster to tell him my web site is stolen.
  • Search on line to learn about these evil thieves.  Feel very, very depressed, just short of openly sobbing.
  • My blog is gone.  It’s really gone.
  • E-mail Michelle over at Quilting Gallery to take the link off my name on this week’s quilt contest.  Don’t want any new blog visitors to get cooties too.
  • Michelle e-mails me back.  She took the time to check my blog registry and saw it expired….yesterday!!!
  • One e-mail chat, one phone call, and one credit card charge after that (took about 5 minutes) and…
  • All fixed.  Never mind.

Just think of what would happen if I overreacted to events like this!