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365 Project, Day 2

23,526.  That’s how many days old I am as of today.  23,526 good days, bad days, amazing days, boring days, heart-breaking days.  Days spent herding children, learning in school, playing in the garden on the farm.  Learning to sew, learning to knit, creating in stained glass, learning to dance…no, wait, I never did that.

Somewhere along this progression of days, I fell in love with photography. Yesterday I made a decison to join the 365 Project (again), and to post a photo every day for a year — and 365 is a very small number of days in the big scheme of things.

For today’s photo, I went back to the wild flowers again.  I had a choice of pictures today as the bumblebees are out, the flowers are beautiful, the clouds were interesting…but it’s tough to beat a dragonfly who poses for you.


Are you wondering how many days old you are?  Here’s where you can find out.


Photo of the Day

I participated in the 365 Project some time back.  I lost interest and deleted my account.  I once again feel the need to try take one photo a day that’s good enough to show the world.  While dinner was in the oven tonight, I figured I had 8-10 minutes to head back to the wild flowers behind our house.  The dragonflies came through for me again.

Dragonfly Orange_edited-1

The orange in the background is some butterfly weed, greatly out of focus.  When I have a few days’ worth of pictures to show, I will figure out how to put a link in my sidebar to the 365 Project.