“What the heck is a DayStitcher Box Quilt?”, I hear you saying.  DayStitchers is our Wednesday afternoon hand-stitching group.  Each interested person chose a theme for a quilt and supplied their own fabric and put it all together in a box.

Each month, June to November, we exchange our boxes such that we take home a different box each time.  Then we make a block for that person’s quilt, using their fabrics (for the most part) and following their theme and any additional stated preferences, such as size, etc.  The first Wednesday of the month is our exchange date.

Some people have more completed blocks in their box than others, because they are continuing the box they started last year; others started a new box/theme this year.  We have eight quilters participating this year, and here are their blocks:

Arlis (Theme:  Birdhouses & Feeders)

Candice – Theme:  12″ finished crazy quilt

Carol F – Pinwheels (oops, looks like I missed getting a new picture of this box)

Carol S – Terry Atkinson’s pattern, which was supplied.  In the end result, pink-on-the-corners squares will alternate with brown-on-the-corners squares.

Jan’s – Batiks; Jan has actually had this box going for four years, so she has close to 30 blocks:

Kate – “Leaving Riverton” fabrics/book:

Pam B – Strippy apple core design in ’30s fabrics:

My Blue & Green & Everything Inbetween Sampler:

by Sue Hecker — Maker, Traveler, Photographer, Mother & Wife, Lover of Life