Design-Wall Monday

I’ve been absent from blogging for a while…hubster got a new hip this spring, and I’ve been the best only substitute for a nurse he could find (definitely not my calling).

While he was recovering, I moved my Featherweight into the kitchen so I would be in earshot of my beloved.  Other than making a huge mess, it worked out really well and I finished a two-year-old project while watching Midsomer Murder episodes on DVDs.  Woo-hoo!

Here is the last block, which finished at about 16″ across:

Kaleidoscope Block 6

I’ve never been really thrilled with the stitches made by my 10-year-old Gammill Classic.  No matter how I fiddled around, I felt it was only “okay”.  This spring I bought a TOWA tension gauge.  You insert the bobbin case (with a bobbin loaded with the thread you are going to use), and it will give you a reading as to how much tension there is.  You can go to most threads’ sites and find out what they recommend for that particular thread, and adjust your bobbin case accordingly.

I quilted the background with allover freehand doodling, including spirals, spiral flowers, leafy feathers, and curlicues.  I used Superior Magnifico, color “Jupiter” (sort of a gun-metal gray).  The thread has a lovely sheen, and I am much more satisfied with the quality of the stitches:

kaleidoscope quilting

It’s a kaleidoscope wall hanging for over the stairway.  I made my first block two years ago in a 5-day workshop with Paula Nadelstern.  Original blocks (designed and made using Paula’s method) in an original (if unimaginative) layout.  Here it is on my Gammill:

kaleidoscope on machine

And it is even labeled and bound.  I just have the hanging sleeve left to do:

kaleidoscope finished

I’m heading to Missouri this week for a three-day retreat (how fun is that???) and I’m meeting up with my Quilting Auntie.  And if you are wondering what she looks like, that’s her picture with me in the header of this post!

Linking to Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday posting.  Stop on over and see what other quilters are working on.

8 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday”

  1. Sue, that is beautiful! Paula was just here for our Guild. As VP, I get the hostess honor. I enjoyed her and her workshops immensely! Your quilt is a credit to both you and Paula.

  2. Beautiful star blocks! The quilting looks great. The finished quilt is lovely. Hope Your Guy is well on his way to being all mended.

  3. I love your feathers, mine don’t look as good but I do practice so maybe one day I will like mine. The kaleidoscopes are gorgeous.

    My next retreat isn’t until September. I do love retreats.

    I have two bobbin cases for my mid-arm. One does better with thin threads and other thicker threads. Even when I try adjusting the tension on the bobbin it seems better to change the case.

  4. (I answered Lori by email, but here’s the gist:) I don’t find much, if any, difference from bobbin to bobbin of the same thread, but I’ve been checking it anyway. If I change to a different weight thread, then I will have a different TOWA reading and probably need to adjust my bobbin tension.

  5. Sue–it turned out gorgeous! The stitching looks perfect. Do you find much variation in your bobbins with the Towa Gauge?? I seem to have found the right tension on my machine as long as I use Permacore thread. She likes the poly wrapped threads better than the 100% cotton. Me too, less lint!

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