In my sewing room…

I’ve had a productive summer, finishing four UFOs.  They are all in at the state fair — not because they are “fair worthy”, but because I like them and it’s what I had this year!  I will take photos when I go “visit” them this next week and update my Completions list.

So I rewarded myself.  I started a new quilt!  I saw the Missouri Quilt Company Youtube video for their “Big Star” quilt.

It is also offered by Fons & Porter (it has apeared in their magazine) as a printed pattern under the name “Dashing Stars“.  Here is my first block (I don’t have the “snowball” corners stitched on yet):

star block

and it measures 22″ square!  If you follow their pattern as printed, each block would be 25″.  I am using a lot of fat quarters, so the 10″ starting measurement doesn’t work so well; I changed my starting squares to 9″.  The original is 3×4 blocks, but since mine is going to make up a little smaller, I’m going to do 4×4 blocks…so I have 15 more blocks to make!  This quilt will then finish well over 100″ square.

The pattern uses the HST method of sewing two squares together, stitched around the edges, and cut twice, from corner to corner, an example is HERE.  This is a good method IF you can be careful with all those bias edges this method creates.

Here is my latest “baby” hawk photo (they aren’t little any more!):

hawk full body2

And another fun photo from this past week:


We were walking well past where the hawks were and heard a rustling in the leaves.  We saw this youngster  peeking out from behind the leaves, as he was sitting on a small branch.

And a PS:  I have struggled a bit in following other blogs since the demise of Google Reader.  Feedly works, as well as Bloglovin, but to me they just aren’t as easily accessible.  I have added a “Subscribe to Blog via email” option towards the top left-hand column, if that would be of a convenience to you…simply fill in your email address in the space provided.  Your email is kept secure, not shared with anyone else, etc.  You received each complete posting in the form of an email.


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  1. I agree with you. Nothing compares to Google Reader. I started with Feedly but the tablet app drove me nuts. I settled on Bloglovin but it’s not great. I love that raccoon photo!

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