Design Wall Monday

Some business first…last week I asked for help in re-naming my blog.  I have been Featherstone Quiltworks for years, but since I’m now about 50% quilting (my own only), 50% bird photography, and 30% knitting (I never claimed to be good at math!), I decided a name change was in order.

Thank you, Heidi of Red Letter Quilts, for suggesting “Featherplay”.  I like how it ties into both quilting and birds…and FUN, with a hint of my former name.  Perfect!  Heidi, I’ve ordered some desk calendars featuring some of my photos and you will be getting one!  I’ll contact you by e-mail with details.  And thanks to those who also gave me suggestions.  I really did need help!

What NEEDS to happen this week:

Christmas post cards out of slubby green satin and pink buttons.  (Plan is to long-arm stitch holly leaves in pink thread with three pink buttons for berries.  We’ll see…)

Christmas postcard

Long Arm:  Quilt baby Noah’s Ark quilt for Marcia by Wednesday (so I can hand bind at DayStitchers), and quilt Bertha’s quilt.

Marcias quilt

Straighten out my knitting.  Yikes!  I have a mistake on a sock and the Three S Shawl.  Need to do some un-knitting.  I need to get at least one of these things done before I can start on the reading mitts I plan on knitting.  Except for me they will be “photography mitts”.

Decorate for Christmas.  Like today, since yesterday is no longer an option.  Since I haven’t put up the big tree for a few years, who wants to guess how many strings of lights won’t work.  *sigh*

Friday, Vicki Welsh is hosting the REAL Studio Tour.  You will want to pop on over to Vicki’s place to see what she has planned for this month!

and Tomorrow I will tell you about my Small Business Saturday shopping excursion where I visited The Twisted Loop yarn shop, Rosebud’s Cottage quilt shop, and Next Act, a special not-so-little shop where they find good used furniture and give the pieces new life (and make them gorgeous) with paint.

and, just for good measure, a bird:

11-29-2013 365 Downy WoodpeckerDowny Woodpecker.

Linking to Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times…always interesting, always fun, generous to the extreme in her patterns.  Be sure to visit!



5 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. First of all, those “prove you’re a human” math problems always make me panic. One day I just know I’m going to be asked to solve some kind of linear equation to leave a blog comment, and I’m going to have to face the fact that I’m really only a robot, after all…

    Your woodpecker photo is breathtaking! Wow! You must have very specialized camera equipment (and actually know how to use it, too). I love watching birds and have several feeders right outside the kitchen window, but I’ve never been able to get a decent photo of any of them. There’s a gorgeous red tailed hawk circling in the sky outside my window right now as I’m typing. Wish I could get a picture of him when he lands!

  2. I like the new name ~ congrats Heidi on coming up with a winner. Photo’s as always are awesome and good luck with your Christmas light strings. I do think the elves play with them all year long and they malfunction just when we need them again.

  3. Sue, if I have to wear gloves to read I’m going to crank the heat up!!! You do math like me. whew, glad I’m not alone.

  4. Have you given up on doing the blog. It has been over 2 months since the last entry. Let me know so I can take it out of my favorites list.

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