Tuesday’s Book Report

A new Kindle came to live at our house.  I bought it for Dear Jim, but we’re kind of sharing it.  I put a library book on it that would be a fast, easy read for me (because when your borrowing time is up, the book just disappears!)

Kindle:  I’m reading “Smokin’ Seventeen” by Janet Evanovich.

Audio Books:  I’m listening to “Blind Your Ponies” by Stanley Gordon West (last month’s book club selection)

And what I’m really working on yesterday and today is going through at least eight boxes of old paperwork that belonged to my parents.  They were “savers”.  I have eight boxes down to one box of tax info, family papers, things to save for a few more years.

There was everything from documents from 1880 to electric bills from the 1990s .  No wonder it was so daunting — over 100 years of documents.  *sneeze*

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Book Report”

  1. I now that someday someone’s going to wonder why I saved my report cards from elementary school (starting in the 50’s) and my first tax returns ($425/month in salary)… but they’re fun to look at when I run across them every few years! I’m better at tossing the routine paperwork, though. You’re right about the sneezing!

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