Design-Wall Monday Report

Picture it…a typical suburban bedroom, and in the corner is a typical overstuffed chair.  Looks comfy, but nobody ever sits in it.  It is too much out of the way to be very useful.  I have been dreaming about a new use for that corner, and it came to fruition this weekend.  Chair…out.  Featherweight…in!


Featherweight set in my Sew-Ezi table.  Stored corner shelves that weren’t being used, and a little chair from a second-hand store.  I now have a place to sew upstairs for those times when it’s too chilly downstairs, or I need to stay close to the kitchen to listen for the timer (or call the fire department when I smell smoke).

Part II of this plan is to have a compact project that would fit nicely on my little shelves, look tidy, and something I can just pick up and sew for a few minutes here and there, with no cutting or pressing station close by.  Well, it’s not like I don’t have any UFOs to work on, but none of them quite fit the bill regarding compact-easy-tidy.


Then I remembered the bow-ties on cheddar quilt that Bonnie Hunter had on her blog a couple of years ago (click here for her post).  I bought the cheddar fabric at least a year ago, and planned to use scraps for the bow-ties. The bow-tie blocks are pretty small (3″ square), so it will take close to 700 to make a 72 x 84 quilt.  I cut out 220 blocks, and they fit nicely in a cute little box.  I stitched up four blocks to see how they would look.  I love them!


I think I will set the bow-ties in this circular pattern.


Linking to Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times.

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