Test Post

Since I’ve had some blog issues in the last couple of days…if you call my blog being DELETED mistakenly by my host an “issue”…I thought I would run a test post.

The only difference I could see was my Friday “On The Needles” posting is missing, but that was probably posted after the host backed up my blog.

If you see anything different, strange, or WRoNg, please leave me a message.   (You could leave me a message saying things look normal too…)  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Test Post”

  1. Hi Sue ~ Looks good except like you mentioned, your Hitchhiker post is missing. It is visible in my list of “read” bloglovin” posts, but tells me it’s not found when I try to open it. Also suggests I try using the search box to search for it. Info for what it’s worth.

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